We provide independent advice and project management for digital transformation, innovation and smart city initiatives, using best-practice analysis, consultation, knowledge-sharing and network-building techniques.

At the heart of our approach is helping people think clearly about their environments, capabilities and opportunities, reaching beyond the confines of their own organisations, and developing smart, specific steps forwards. To accomplish this, we have developed frameworks that help visualise complexity and share common understanding. Two of these - relating to digital transformation and innovation strategy - are described in overview below to help you learn a little about our process and value.

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'Digital Transformation' usually means re-orienting an organisation around the customer experience, and adopting a 'digital-first' approach.

This process needs to be driven from the inside out, can't be easily outsourced or compartmentalised, and is different in every context, however there is a common set of factors that should be addressed:

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    The vision of creating a seamless, holistic experience between physical, digital and mobile interactions - internally and externally - must be adopted and expressed at the highest level and throughout an organisation.

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    The ability to continually map, monitor and evaluate the interactions and behaviours of an organisation's customers, staff and other audiences is at the heart of Digital Transformation. It is a core capability.

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  • Knowledge icon Skills & Understanding More ∨

    Successful Digital Transformation relies on a common set of understandings that are shared by leaders and implementors. Key among these are an appreciation of digital design, development and innovation processes, and the skills and roles they demand.

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    The required focus on customer experience means that departments or business units need to take collective responsibility for the customer journey and work together to make experiences seamless.

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    Digital Transformation can be an expensive and painful process, and so clearly understanding why it is desirable, how success will be measured, and what aspects are likely to cause friction are of crucial importance.

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    Organisations need to fully understand, optimise and deploy their digital infrastructure, internal and external development capabilities. IT, procurement, outsourcing, insourcing and partnerships are all crucial components of this mix.

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    Digital Transformation represents a radical re-orientation which invariably leads to new opportunities and innovations. Organisations must learn how to continually evaluate and experiment with new technologies and ideas in the quest to empower staff and customers.

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  • Map icon Strategy & Roadmapping More ∨

    The organisation's approach to all of these aspects of Digital Transformation needs to be compiled into a comprehensive and adaptable strategy, along with clear governance, resourcing and product roadmaps, which then need to be effectively communicated.

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Innovation Strategy involves evaluating and optimising two fundamental aspects of every organisation or network:

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    Innovation Climate

    The culture and setting that people work in every day — the preconditions for innovation.

    Unfolding takes a user-centred approach by looking closely at the four key environments people are exposed to.

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    Innovation Process

    The formal set of activities that progress a new thing from idea to execution.

    Efficient and effective innovation processes can be established for many different kinds of innovation, including incremental and internal improvements.

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Unfolding works with leaders, senior managers, city policy-makers and delivery teams to explore, clarify and determine approaches to digital transformation and innovation, and then supports the necessary transitions, initiatives and education to affect change.

Unfolding is owned and run by Chris Dymond, who has over 25 years experience in digital strategy, web & mobile development and innovation. Chris generally acts as lead consultant and brings in other trusted professionals as, when and if required. For further information on his skills, background and testimonials, please look him up on LinkedIn.

For independent advice on digital transformation, innovation and smart city initiatives, please do get in touch:

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